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Community Service/Projects

VIAG is dedicated on helping all areas of our community to strive and build stronger communities. We encourage our members to stay engaged in all of our efforts to help, build and educate.


VI Kings Home Project

Our VIKings men volunteers on doing repairs for veterans or single parent family homes with much needed minor repairs, painting, or yard work etc. They are always looking for community service men volunteers.  


Community Service 

Members of the organization volunteering at one of our community service outreach for the 2022 calendar year. We volunteered in the Atlanta Community Food Bank Hunger Walk Run.


Caring for our Seniors Initiative

We can't forget about our seniors in our community. We are dedicated in sharing love, providing treats/food, personal items, electronic gadgets and activity books.


Teachers/College Student Scholarship

We support our teachers that makes a big difference in our community that molds, care and educate our children. We also support our college students to help further their education.

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